School Life

Secondary 4 Leadership Training Workshops and Day Camp

From 16th to 18th July 2018, Secondary 4 students of our school participated in the Leadership Training Workshops and Day Camp organized by the School Extra-curricular Activities Committee. They learned the skills of team building, leadership and problem-solving. The workshops and day camp aimed to equip students with self-confidence and skills of co-operation, and prepare them to be student leaders.

30th Anniversary Variety Show

Students, teachers, alumni and friends of CDGFSS gathered to round up the school’s 30th anniversary celebration by holding a Variety Show on 7 July, 2018. 

There was a multitude of events during the show, including orchestral music and chorus, English choral speaking, dance and A Capella,  presented by the concerted efforts of our students, alumni and teachers. The highlight of the show was the musical ‘The Secret Garden’.

Maths Arena 2018

“Maths Arena 2018” was successfully held on 3rd July 2018. A total of 21 teams from 11 primary schools in Tseung Kwan O actively participated in the competition. Our students designed 8 tasks for this game, covering mathematical concepts such as speed-calculation, geometry, and various problem-solving skills. We aimed at cultivating their interests in mathematics and guiding students to discover the beauty of mathematics. They all deepened their understanding of mathematics after finishing the challenging yet interesting tasks and had an enjoyable afternoon.

Congratulations to Chi Lin Buddhist Primary School, Tseung Kwan O Government Primary School and Tseung Kwan O Catholic Primary School, who were the Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up respectively of this competition. We also appreciate and express our gratitude to the efforts made by all participants.

The Final events of Blokus and Rummibuk

The final events of Blokus and Rummibuk Competitions were completed on 28/6, after the heat events of the competition held on the Math Day (13/3). On 13/3, several competitions were held, including 24 points, Speed Calculation, Blokus and Rummibuk. Lots of mathematical toys, puzzles and games were demonstrated. The students were fascinated by the mathematical games and the mathematics behind the games.

Rummikub Winner: 2A   Liu Ka Yiu

Blokus Winner: 2D   Lam Kin Tat

“Physics in Motion” Workshop

26 Secondary 5 students joined the “Physics in Motion” Workshop on 3rd April 2018 organised by Ocean Park Hong Kong. Students were required to get data through experiencing the thrills, including Whirly Bird, Bumper Blaster and Hair Raiser. They also attended practical workshops to further their studies on the selected topics. It was found to be a fruitful experience as students could experience the principles taught in a real life situation and have a more in-depth understanding of the concepts they have learnt.