Principal’s Message

As a member of Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary school for eighteen years, I take great pride in telling you about the unique features of our school: let me call them the Seven Beauties.

1. Beauty in the Spiritual Atmosphere

Students come to know God and understand His Word through bible lessons, fellowships, gospel weeks, lunch worship and religious camps. Teachers are highly dedicated to Christian education and work in concert to create an environment of faith, hope and love for students.


2. Beauty in the Learning Atmosphere

The school provides students with an authentic English environment as well as many English support programmes. Students are enthusiastic about participating in various English activities. Cultivating a vigorous learning and teaching atmosphere, our students pass public examinations with outstanding results.

3. Beauty in the Humanities

The school is surrounded by green mountains and permeated with a congenial family atmosphere. Our teachers and students have a close rapport. Big brothers and sisters set good examples to their younger schoolfellows. Students learn about morality, interpersonal relationships and civic responsibilities so that they may treasure the values of truth, goodness and love.

4. Beauty in the Development of “All-rounders”

Students develop their multiple intelligences proactively through their participation in the forty-some school clubs and teams as well as external competitions. Their talents have been fully recognized in their winning of numerous awards.

5. Beauty in Strategic Planning

The curriculum spans all levels, interfacing our programmes. Staff training plans are well formulated. Preparations for the New Senior Secondary Curriculum are well in hand.

6. Beauty in Tenderness

We learn, share and support one another in a warm, orderly and harmonious environment. Students and staff express their affection for the school by decorating the campus with their impressive artwork.

7. Beauty in Collegiality

A strong partnership with parents is the hallmark of the school. Teachers also mutually support each other professionally through channels like peer observation, collaborative lesson observation and lesson study.

The school has entered its 21 st year. We will uphold the teaching of Christian values and strive towards being a more professional learning and caring community.

LAM Sui Mei


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