Academic Overview

The primary focuses of the junior form curriculum are to develop students' competencies in Chinese, English and Mathematics, and to encourage students to read extensively, write plentifully and always think creatively and analytically.

As an EMI school, our NET as well as local teachers endeavour to provide the best English learning environment and a wide variety of English activities for our students. They adopt all possible means to help students acquire the skills for learning English and EMI subjects, and improve their English proficiency. They also seize every opportunity to enhance students' exposure to other cultures and develop their global vision through different exchange programmes and overseas study tours.

We have also concurrently devised strategies to help raise students' proficiency in Putonghua. Moreover, through all sorts of training provided by different subjects and specialist training rendered by a range of gifted programmes such as the Mathematics Olympiad, Toastmaster Youth Leadership programme, and Science Enhancement Programme, students’ potential is fully developed, thereby laying the cornerstone for lifelong learning, a crucial skill for 21st century global citizens.